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Thats's me.

Hey friend!

 I'm Vanessa, 

 your new acting coach. 

Summer Camps

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"A rare opportunity to study with one of Hollywood's best!" 

Matt Ryan, actor, Constantine from N.B.C.'s Constantine and the C.W.'s Legends of Tomorrow.

Pirates of the Caribbean Red Carpet Premiere at Disneyland

Hey Friends! 

I'm Vanessa.  I've been a professional actress my whole life, (yup some of us actually don't waitress), and now I also teach. I offer the most fun, crazy, creative camps and classes I promise you will find, (with some sneaky acting techniques thrown in there for the younger crew.) Having a 7 year old myself I know how important it is for our children to learn while having a ball and for us parents to feel safe.  We use our camp time to learn the incredible craft of acting, the professional, let's really learn how to act, while having so much fun one. And we do all the exploring and playing children should do. For more serious actors or kids a bit older, we delve deep into the craft of Film and TV on-camera acting and prepare kids to pursue this as far as they want to go, whether that be gaining inner confidence, learning a dialect, training to be a you-tube creator or pursuing a career in Broadway or Hollywood. With over 100 film and T.V. productions under my belt, I pride myself on my expertise in this business. I am here to be your coach and guide into the fabulous, intriguing world of professional acting.

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We offer crazy fun, creative Summer Camps where students will truly learn the craft of acting! Offered in Jacksonville, Nocatee, Pittsburgh and Seattle.  Click here to find dates in your area. 

    Parent Testimonial

  "Our daughter MK was graced to be cast and directed under the amazing Vanessa Branch in "Trolls the Musical". Vanessa wrote and directed the musical masterfully to be age appropriate, to allow each child to feel confident and excited to be performing. 

   Our daughter, MK was cast as Poppy for the play. It was so humbling when Vanessa personally called us with MK, on a Video chat, to let her know she wanted her to play Poppy.

   Vanessa is such a great director and leader. She made sure to take extra time and patience to allow MK to grow into her role and empowered our daughter and the whole cast to be the best they could be at such a young age, performing in front of a sold out crowd of 500.

   This was MK’s first play, much less a starring role. Vanessa absolutely elevated our daughter for this part, bringing in a professional voice coach, choreographer, sound crew and more, to make this an absolute success. For months, the after school program was the highlight of all the children's day.

   Vanessa is not only an amazing and talented director, she is also very loving and patient when working with children. As parents, we are so thankful to Vanessa for giving our daughter such an amazing experience!"


  - Kim and Bryan Romero

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