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"Even in L.A. it's rare for a professional actor who has done so much T.V. and film to be teaching classes. Either people didn't get enough work so they decided to teach, or they are working and too busy to teach. I think Vanessa teaches because she truly loves it. We are lucky that she does. I have learned so much from her, about the business, about acting, even about life.  She is literally my all time mentor." 

- Stephen Burke

"Vanessa and the Trolls play was a highlight of my daughters' elementary school years. The experience she created for every child in the production was magical. She created an environment where the kids loved to be. And for my girls who can be introverted, she was able to empower them to become confident on stage.  When we first signed up we had no idea that the show would be so professional. Vanessa found the perfect role for every child and made sure each one mattered. She went above and beyond to schedule extra rehearsals where needed to make sure the show was a success.

I highly recommend Vanessa for any children's acting project, the way she interacts with kids is spectacular. When our family and friends came to see the show they all said it was like a real Broadway production. Just amazing!"

 - Jessica Rendes


"When our family and friends came to see the show they all said it was like a real Broadway production."

"I am a professional actor and now friend of Vanessa's. I used to coach with a variety of different people before auditions but would never book the parts.  When I started coaching with Vanessa things changed and I started booking what we worked on! She makes you feel secure and free enough to find your own voice.  She makes you feel, without sounding hokey, special. Apparantly it shows."

- Jamie Givens

Vanessa and student on professional shoot

“Vanessa Branch’s Children’s Acting Program is a fantastic journey of discovery for our young, impressionable performers. Through Vanessa, actors uncover their love for theater and strengths they may not have known they had, all while building a community that will always be special to them.  This is not your typical grade school performance; it is an experience that you and your child will talk about for years to come."



"Vanessa brings passion and devotion, an impressive resume, and personal connection to her work.  The casting process showcases this as she dedicates hours to understanding each child and aligning them with their perfect role. She finds ways for each to shine, creating roles and adding moments that magically reveal the actor in even our shyest ones.  She pays close attention to the craft: hiring talented dance and vocal coaches, offering one-on-one support in areas such as accents."

Vanessa is kind and patient, while demanding the best.   The kids go beyond their comfort zone and grow. Watching this is just as magical as the heartmelting performance itself. “


Amy Werner 

"I took my first acting class ever from the extraordinarily talented Ms. Branch and I've never looked back. She is amazing!" - Justin Ortega

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